Badges Why use them

“Badges why do we use them” This is a question that we at Just Badges sometimes get asked and the simple answer is to be recognised as being a part of and organisation or perhaps you have achieved something and want people to no this in a subtle way. Liverpool FC

Fund-Raising Badges

Wearing an enamel badge shows you are proud to be associated with something, perhaps a football club or a charity.

Perhaps the most famous of all enamel badge wearers is none other than the American President Obama.  He is seen wearing the American Star and Stripes enamel lapel pin on most occasions.  This is an obvious act of pride and makes him stand out as one of the worlds most prolific leaders.

Proud of Yorkshire

Many people are proud of were they are born and like to be seen to be associated with the country or region, this is clearly the case in the UK region of Yorkshire were they even have a special Yorkshire Day on August the 1st.  The Yorkshire enamel badge shown in the picture is quite controversial as people have debated whether there should be one or 2 points showing at the top.  According to the Yorkshire Badge website there should be 2 points at the top and 1 point at the bottom as this then forms a Y shape. 

It just goes to show there more to a badge than meets the eye.

We will add more interesting facts about badges and were and how they are used in the coming weeks.

Bye For Now !

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